Consuming Fresh Foods instead of Canned Foods.

Eating is an activity that we as humans do at least
two times a day. We live in a world where the variety of food is immense, and we
are responsible for what we eat. We decide what we are about to eat and how it
will affect our bodies. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the
differences between eating fresh foods instead of canned foods. The three main
differences are flavor, health benefits, and cost.

The most notable difference between these two kinds
of foods is their flavor. Fresh foods have great flavor and taste because they
keep all their natural conditions. Canned foods however, lack a lot of its
flavor characteristics because there are some other chemical products added to
the natural foods. It is logical that the fresh foods will have a greater taste
and flavor when consumed just because of the time in which they have been

Comparing both types of foods we notice another
difference. There is a health factor that affects both of them. Canned foods
lose some of the original fresh food nutrients when stored, and also it has to
be tinned with many conservatives and chemical factors that prolong the shelf
life and apparent freshness of the food but could also become toxic if consumed
too often.

Yet another difference between these two types of
foods is the cost. Canned foods are much more expensive than fresh foods. Here
the benefit of buying tinned foods is that they are easier to find, for example,
in a supermarket instead of the market like the fresh foods, and they require
less work to prepare than fresh foods, just open and serve.

Here are the main three differences between buying
fresh foods and buying canned foods. As we can see it comes down to a personal
choice, based on the time each person has, the money and the importance he/she
gives to his/her nutrition and health. Therefore it is important that you
consider your possibilities and choose the best type of foods for your
convenience and lifestyle.

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Process paper: How to give a baby a bath

Things you will need: A hooded bath towel, an infant bath tub, tear-free baby shampoo, 2 washcloths, cotton balls, bowl of water (for rinsing), a change of clothes, a diaper, and diaper-rash ointment.

You need to get all the items ready ahead of time and don’t ever leave your baby unattended at anytime.

Step 1: Line the bottom of the tub with a washcloth or towel to keep your baby from slipping. Fill the tub with a few inches of warm water (not hot), and test it on your wrist.

Step 2: Gently place your baby in the water, supporting the back of their head and neck at all times with one hand. Use your other hand to bathe them.

Step 3: Wash your baby’s face first. Begin by wiping their eyelids from the inside corner out, using a fresh cotton ball moistened with warm water for each side.

 Step 4: Gradually work your way down their body, too their feet, saving the diaper area for the end. (You want to go from the cleanest area of the body to the dirtiest to avoid spreading germs.)

Step 5: Shampoo their head last (to keep them from getting too cold.) Gently lather their scalp with a tear-free shampoo, and rinse. Don’t worry – you won’t hurt the soft spot!

Step 6: Wrap your baby in a cuddly towel right after you remove them from the water. Keep as much of their body covered as you can while you dress them.

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How taxpayers money is being spent

How much money of the taxpayers are being spent on things? According to the U.S Treasury Department, as of April 10, 2011, the national debt is 14.2 Trillion dollars. Suppose you spend more money this month than your income. This situation is called a “budget deficit”. So you borrow (ie; use your credit card). The amount you borrowed (and now owe) is called your debt. You have to pay interest on your debt. If next month you spend more than your income, another deficit, you must borrow some more, and you’ll still have to pay the interest on your debt (now larger). If you have a deficit every month, you keep borrowing and your debt grows. Soon the interest payment on your loan is bigger than any other item in your budget. Eventually, all you can do is pay the interest payment, and you don’t have any money left over for anything else. This situation is known as bankruptcy.  Each year since 1969, Congress has spent more money than its income. The Treasury Department has to borrow money to meet Congress’s appropriations.  If the deficit is any amount more than zero, we have to borrow more and the debt grows; and we have to pay interest on the huge, growing debt. The interest payment runs into our budget big time. The Social Security Administration has spent 750 Billion dollars in 2011. The Department of Defense has spent 720 billion dollars this year of taxpayers money.  The Treasury Department has spent 450 billion dollars, this amount includes interest on debt too. Department of Agriculture has spent 120 billion dollars in 2011. Department of Education has spent a little less than 100 billion dollars.  Housing and Urban Development has spent 50 billion dollars. The Department of Transportation has spent 80 billion dollars in 2011. Department of Homeland Security has spent 50 billion dollars. The space program NASA, has spent 10 billion dollars this year. Enviromental Protection Agency has spent 10 billion dollars.

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Change the way you think (draft)

A girl who was named Michelle and was only nineteen years old and pregnant couldn’t comply  with the only rule that her father asked her to follow. That rule was to be back home from her night out before he was up for work in the morning. The time that she was required to be home was before  four in the morning. She wasn’t at home at that time too many times. Her parents decided that since she couldn’t comply with their rule, she was to find another place to live. She called all of her friends and asked them if she could stay with them. No one had any extra room for her. She did manage to find a place to live. It was a little, somewhat run down trailer on Dorsey street. The trailer was old. It had a small front porch that was made out if wood. A white plasttic chair stood on the porch just to the left of the front door. It consisted of two bedrooms, a tiny bathroom, and a slightly bigger kitchen and living room. The living room had beige carpet and a small window. In the corner of the living room stood a wood stove for heat. It was big and black with a lid on the top of the stove where you would through your wood into. The stove seemed to take a large amount of room up.The kitchen had earth tone colored linolium and no dishwasher. Down the hall the first door on the left side was a small size bedroom with tan colored carpet and basic white walls. It was being used as a storage room because the couple had recently moved in.  Across from the spare bedroom was the tiny bathroom. It had tile linolium and cream colored walls. Four small lights stood above the mirror. A picture of a seashell stood on the wall in a wood frame.  The next door down the hall was a big closet.  Across from the closet was the other bedroom. It was considered to be a medium sized room. An oak wood bed was against the right wall. A matching dresser and vanity was across from the bed on the left wall. The back door was nailed shut, due to the previous occupants getting items stolen from them.  The landlord had nailed the door shut instead of properly fixing the door. The girl lived with her fiance and was very excited to meet her son. She was seven months pregnant at the time. On March seventh, the pipe on the back of the stove came apart. Instead of fixing the pipe correctly with a few bolts, her fiance just shoved the pipe back up into the other pipe and called it good. On March eigth, nineteen ninety nine a terrible tragedy happened. The wind was blowing lazily through the trees that morning. It was a cold morning, only forty-three degrees outside.  It was a little after six in the morning. A man who lived in a trailer across from the girl was up and getting ready for work. He looked outside and saw the trailer across from his was engulfed in flames and smoke. He immediatly ran outside in nothing but his underwear to try and help save the girl. Despite the man trying to help save her, he couldn’t get to her and the trailer was a total loss. The stove pipe had come loose again and the girl had woken up from her bed during the fire. She had crawled to the back door and since the door was nailed shut the girl couldn’t get out. On that same morning my brother and I were getting ready for school when my mother got a phone call just as she was walking out the door to take us to school. The person who called asked my mother if Michelle Rector was her daughter and my mother said yes she was. The man who called told her that Michelle’s trailer had caught on fire and left it at that. My mother dropped us off at school and told us that she was going to go my sister and she would be back to get us when school was out. My mother arrived at the trailer and saw that nothing was left. She instantly knew her first born daughter was not alive. She came back to the school to take us out of school. We went down to the office where she was waiting in a room with the principal. She sat us down and said that she would take us home. My brother asked if we could go see our sister and she told him “No hun, she’s gone”.  My oldest brother had just lost his bestfriend. He was very close to her due to their close age, a year and a half apart and also due to it being only them for eight years before my brother came along and then me . We found out later that her remains were found two feet from the back door. Her cause of death was from too much smoke inhalation.

This whole tradegy could have been easily prevented. If only the landlord had fixed the backdoor properly. If only her fiance would have went down to the store and bought the bolts to prevent the stove pipe from coming loose again. No one did anything. The result was my parents loosing their daughter and grandson. My brothers and I lost our only sister. I will never forget that day, ever. I can’t believe that it has been almost twelve years that have gone by. It sure doesn’t seem that long. SI can remember it just like it happened yesterday. Michelle will be forever Loved and Missed. Since this event has happened, I never take anything for granted. I learned that at such an early age. It has changed the way I think about alot of things. If something needs to be fixed, I don’t procrastinate on it. I get it done, whatever it takes.

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How becoming a Mother has Changed My Life essay

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.
She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new.” – Rajneesh

Having a baby does change everything. I’ve only been a mother for two and a half months so I thought I would start by telling you about my pregnancy. On April 13, I took a home pregnancy test and it showed up positive. On April 15, I went to the Texas County Health Department to get it confirmed. They estimated my due date to be December 11, 2010. My husband and I were very excited to find out that we were expecting. This is the first grandbaby for everyone in the family, on both sides.

I had already began taking my prenatal vitamins long before I became pregnant and as a result, I only through up four times during my whole pregnancy. I was constantly tired though throughout the whole pregnancy. I found the second trimester of pregnancy to be the easiest and most comfortable time of my pregnancy. During the third trimester I had some heartburn and towards the end of my pregnancy it was hard for me to sleep comfortable.

My son Benton, was born on December 3rd, 2010.  He weighed seven pounds six ounces and was twenty one and a fourth inches long. It was a new experience for me, as I have never held a baby before, much less a newborn baby. The first day in the hospital went well. He slept alot but woke up every two to three hours to be fed. That was a big change for me to have to wake up so often. I liked to sleep in. My son is being breastfed. We stayed another day in the hospital because I was have a little problem nursing him correctly. Staying the extra day was well worth it and now I don’t have any problems nursing.

We brought Benton home on December 5. He slept the whole way home. I had a whole month off from college so that made it easier to take care of my son. For the first month of his life, I had to be the one to get up every time he was hungry. It was hard on me, because I barely got any sleep. I almost resorted to giving him formula just so that my husband could feed him and I could get some sleep but in the end, I never gave him any formula because I strongly believe in breastfeeding. They say that breast is best.

Even though I have only been a mother for two and a half months, I feel that it is my greatest accomplishment that I have ever recieved in life. If i’m in a bad mood, I just look at my son and he makes my whole day better just by a simple smile. I feel that I am very lucky and fortunate to have such a good baby.  While my decisions were previously driven by my own needs and wants, they now center around my baby’s own needs and wants. It is very hard at times for me to take care of Benton on top of keeping up with my school work and trying to keep the house clean. My husband helps me out alot on all of that even though he works ten hours every day.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

1. Paper A has a good thesis that the writer supports very well.

2. The thesis’ in both papers are basically the same.

3. The topics that are mentioned in Paper A that are not mentioned in Paper B are the writer getting to see their sister and her family.

4. Paper B has a conclusion, it is very effective.

5. Paper B uses more specific details than Paper A does. Paper B uses better specific details to help the reader visualize how they spent their summer.

6. Paper B has better developed paragraphs in it.

7. In Paper A, the paragraphs that don’t have topic sentences are 2 and 3. All of Paper B has topic sentences for their paragraphs except for paragraph 2.

8. Paper B handles the lunch arguement better because they use specific details in writing about it.

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The Lottery Questions

1. Essay B has a thesis.

2. Yes, the thesis is supported with specific details.

3. Paper A is mostly a plot summary.

4. Paper B is more directly related to the assignment.

5. Paper B’s writer keeps the thesis in mind through the whole essay.

6. Yes, the relative merits of both essays can be determined by a reader who is unfamiliar with “The Lottery”.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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